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Oratorio Mildred Dawkins
Ermine Owenby
LuMarie Polivka-West
Cantata Jon and Brandyce Bell Adcock
Gina Kinchlow
Cathy Moon
Vanessa Pinto
Nancy Repplinger
Betty Serow
Janet L. Smith
Donna Smithey
Merry Sutton
Octavo Mary Abbott
Bill and Patty Applegate
Capital City Bank Group Foundation
In honor of Gail Harrison
Ruth Godfrey Sigler
In memory of Jennie K. Denow
Gail Harrison
Fred and Linda Hester
Anne R. Hodges
Glenn Hosken
Carol Howell
Clifford Madsen
Rochelle Marrinan
Emoryette McDonald
Ruth Pryor
Pat St. Angelo
Francis and Karen Skilling
John and Virginia Walker
A Cappella Barbara Aguirre
Robert Apgar
Mary Ellen Balducci
Donald Barry
Keith Baxter
Christine Boczarska
Germaine Brand
Kathy Fearon
Mary Anne Gray
Cynthia Holmes
Srinivasa Kishore
Elsie and Alan Kunkle
Yvonne McIntosh
Valerie and Steve Mindlin
John Dozier and Martha Paradeis
Christopher Pfaff
Chester Davis and Penny Ralston
Eunice and Lemroy Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Scott, Sr.
Janice Stralow
Ralph V. Turner
Tom and Patricia Whitaker
Friend Denise Birch
Patricia A. Brown
Susanne and Morgan Bunch
Robert and Linda Clickner
Louise Cobbe
Carla Connors
Maria Dritsopoulou
Charles Gallion
Christopher Gorsuch
Chris and Patricia Gosen
James and Jo Ella Harris
Sabrina Hartsfield
Dr. Donald and Annabel Horward
In memory of Jack Sigler
Corinne Hunter
Brandon Johnson
Rebecca Keaton
Joe and Lennie Kennedy
Patricia and Raymond Kickliter
Annette Hannon Lee
Cathryn Lokey
Bill and Kay Luger
Patricia Yancey Martin
Elea McLaughlin
June L. Noel
Mark and Jessica Oyster
Jeanne Player
Hans Plendl
Marie Primas-Bradshaw
Jose Quero-Munoz
Amy Xiang Sang
Leah Sherman
Mabel Sherman
Jean Souter
Hilda Starbuck
Bruce Tierney
Debbie Wagar
Rhonda Work

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